Sassy Investments | Newfoundland Gold Rush

Gander Gold Corp.

The Newfoundland Gold Rush is still in the early stages of what’s emerging as a multi-year run within a secular gold bull market that’s once again heating up. Spectacular drill results from New Found Gold (TSXV: NFG) in early 2021 triggered a major staking rush and a sharp acceleration in share prices of more than two dozen juniors. Sassy was a “first mover”, acquiring a series of highly prospective large claim blocks ahead of this rush. The entire land package, more than 2,000 sq. km, was put into spinout company Gander Gold. Sassy currently owns 35.3 million shares of Gander, 40% of the company, while Eric Sprott owns 12%. Gander Gold has enjoyed impressive early success in its exploration efforts, particularly at Gander North and Mount Peyton in the heart of the Gander Gold Belt, with initial diamond drilling planned for 2023. rly at Gander North and Mount Peyton in the heart of the Gander Gold Belt.


Galloper Gold Corp.

Galloper Gold is a dynamic private junior exploration company focused on Newfoundland and preparing to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in 2023. Galloper acquired multiple claim blocks from famous Canadian prospector Shawn Ryan as well as other strategic ground as part of a multi-company transaction in 2022 that included Sassy, allowing Sassy to acquire 8 million shares of Galloper. As the biggest corporate sponsor of the Vancouver Canucks’ Alumni Foundation and Association, and other initiatives in the sports industry, Galloper will be bringing a unique brand and marketing approach for a junior resource company to the public markets.

Sassy Investments | CSE Top Performer

Max Power Mining Corp.

MAX Power (CSE: MAXX) has been a top-performing stock on the CSE since its listing in March 2022, climbing as high as 83 cents. The company launched with a 25-cent IPO that was quickly followed by a $2.2 million raise at 40 cents in April. In December, MAX closed a $1.85 million private placement with strategic investors at 50 cents, and is actively pursuing potential opportunities in the lithium sector. Sassy currently owns 5 million shares of MAX Power, nearly 15% of the company on a non-diluted basis, with warrants to acquire an additional 1 million shares, after selling its Nicobat Project in Northwest Ontario to MAX in early 2021.


Sassy Project | Uranium Leverage


For strategic purposes, including giving investors a winter drill play, Sassy early this year acquired an option to earn a 100% interest in the Highrock Uranium Project situated just outside the Athabasca Basin along the same interpreted conductive lithological units that hosts the Key Lake uranium deposits. Cameco’s former producing Key Lake mine, which extracted over 200 million pounds of uranium by open-pit methods at an average grade of 2.3% U3O8 from 1983 to 1997, is located immediately to the north of the Highrock claim boundary.

As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy and the demand for clean baseload electricity increases, nuclear energy must play a significant role. The urgency to reduce carbon emissions has multiple governments planning to build new nuclear power plants, ensuring plenty of future demand for uranium.

Key developed markets, including the United States, have seen a paradigm shift in nuclear energy policy with a renaissance underway to compete on the global stage with next generation reactor buildouts in sensitive jurisdictions in the Middle East and Asia. China is the fastest growing market for nuclear power.

The clean energy revolution, following a decade of extreme underinvestment in the uranium sector, has helped ignite a new bull market in uranium.

“The drill-ready Highrock Project is a potential high impact exploration play that gives Sassy shareholders exposure to a dynamic sector benefiting from the global energy transition driving significant new investment in nuclear demand”, stated Mark Scott, Sassy President and CEO.

Saskatchewan is home to the world’s highest-grade uranium mines. This means Saskatchewan’s uranium mines can produce high volumes of uranium concentrate (or U3O8) while disturbing less of the environment, producing fewer tailings and waste rock. It also means Saskatchewan is a leader in producing the fuel for safe, reliable, clean-air electricity.